grateful for a plastic banana

Statement: I am attracted to plastic food.

Rosanna’s first memory of plastic food. Approx. 4 years old, San Jose, Costa Rica

"I had a dollhouse in the garden, bright pink. It was tall enough that I could stand upright inside, and very dark. We had a small table, where we organized tea parties with small, muddy plastic cups and plates. I still remember very clearly the seams in the molded plastic, a little dirty, with peeling flower details on light pink, yellow and green colored plastic. There is a strong contrast between tropical bright colors and pastel colored doll teacups. We also had a (transluscent red) basket with plastic vegetables, hollowed and abstracted. The banana was completely smooth and yellow, no details. A cheap imitation of the juiciness in the shape of a real banana, but because it would last for ever it was valuable. It was resistant to water and mud, and carried with them the smell of plastic in humid tropical heat. There was a corn cob, a tomato without a stem, plastic pizza that tasted (in my mind) of cheese and tomato sauce. I remember trying to eat them too, and the simultaneously satisfying and unsatisfying plastic taste, a hard, unforgiving surface, but soft enough to bend reluctantly between my teeth. I liked to chew on plastic food even though I knew that it should not be eaten. This is one of the first instances where I experienced real material consciousness. I imagine that plastic food in a landfill somewhere in the tropics, where over centuries it will degrade, a toxic material; nevertheless, it is with love and gratitude that I think of that banana "