Pink feathers

The fish farming industry along the Norwegian coast feeds its livestock commercial fish feed that contains color pigment, in order that the flesh of the salmon and trout will be the correct pink color consumers expect; despite the unpleasant, color-draining circumstance of their captivity. Instead of eating the naturally pigment-containing shrimp and small crustaceans, they need to engineer food with the right pigment added. If you're going to fake something, fake it well. 

This has the interesting effect of coloring the feathers of seagulls that are also eating the feed.

"- It is not impossible that this feed at fish farms can contribute to the pink color seen on gulls, who may be ingesting the excess feed during migration. We know that flamingos get their pink color from the crustaceans they eat. If you have flamingos in captivity, and feed them a diet that does not contain this pigment, which gives a pink color, they will be white, Solheim says to NRK."


I will try to eat lots of red food. I need to find a way to get some of these pigments. Maybe I can engineer my appearance through what I eat too. I want to be a seagull.